EuroStrong Medical Chairs

EuroStrong Medical Chairs offer exellent and economical solutions to hospital and medical facility needs

EuroStrong chairs are used in hospitals in all around Turkey since 2009. With recent developments, our chairs are chosen by hospitals in other countries.

EuroStrong Medical Chairs are used in chemotherapy, hemodialysis, geriatry, blood collection units and as companion chairs in medical centers.

Al medical chairs are designed and produced according to the needs of medical centers.


  • Due to the fact that users differ very much in hospitals, standard chairs wear a lot faster than normal use. For example second person can sit on arm of an occupied chair. These are out of hospitals control.
  • Frame of EuroStrong Medical Chairs are produced with interlocking frame parts unlike classic chair frames., thus making them highly resilient to wear, squeak and brake down for extended periods of use.
  • The chairs are designed and produced to provide comfort and suport to all types of users (mx. 130 kg) under hospital conditions.

Comfort and Ergonomy

  • Medical Chairs are designed for maximum patient comfort.
  • Backrest and waist areas provide full support to patient in all positions of reclining.
  • Feet and backrest can be reclined up to 180 degree to be used for slleping
  • Special materials are used as stuffing to provide excellent support for all types of patients.
  • There are no sharp edges or corners in our chairs for patient protection
  • Due to our design, back and headrest softness can be adjusted by medical personell easily.


  • Our chairs offer 55 cm of seat width, much than standard medical recliners
  • With 85 cm outer width, shairs can be placed easily even on small rooms
  • With Slider Mechanism, chair moves forward when switching to reclining position to avoid bacrest touching the wall. With this feature there is no need to pull the chair away from the wall to recline into sleeping position.

Custon Production

  • EuroStrong Medical Chairs can be produced according to customer needs.
  • There are standard fabric, antibacterial PU leather or natural leather alternatives for upholstry.
  • Optional accessories include, srum hanger, large locking wheels and pull/push bar.

Medical Chair Models

EuroStrong Spirit M

  • Mechanical recliner model with pull lever at the side
  • Suitable for chemotherapy, companion and general purpose use

EuroStrong Spirit E

  • Motorized recliner model with 180 degrees sleeping position
  • Suitable for chemotherapy, companion, hemodialysis, orthopedy, blood collection and general purpose use

EuroStrong Spirit E-L2

  • Duel motorized recliner with 180 desrees sleeping position, with lift function
  • Suitable for geriatry, orthopedy, chemotherapy, hemodialysis and ortopedy use.

Comfort and Usability

Very easy to use, thanks to ergonomic design with soft and comfortable feel

Multipurpose Use

Provides all necessary position for patient and companion use

Medikal Upholstry

Antibacterial PU based upholstry with, chemical substance, fire and abrasion resistanance and water repellant properties for medical use